Director’s Message


Welcome from the Director

Welcome to EGST.

EGST is approaching to celebrate two decades of impact in serving church and society in Ethiopia and beyond. God has blessed EGST as an autonomous educational institution in delivering its mission and objectives over the years and our hope in his guidance and provision is steadfast. We are also indebted to the owners of EGST for their leadership, support and commitment to see EGST flourish in serving church and society in Ethiopian and beyond. Our partners and stakeholder far and near always stood with EGST in advancing its objectives for which we extend our gratitude and appreciations.

While celebrating our achievements, it is important to bear in mind the multifaceted challenges the Ethiopian churches and society face today. Within the ecclesial context, while church membership is increasing, sound biblical teaching, historical faith and Christian values are being compromised by preachers of “another gospel” and those who follow them. At the same time the church is suffering from the absence of strong and forward-looking leadership which provides direction and discernment to the many souls who are victims of the ongoing deterioration of spirituality and morality.

Meanwhile, in national context, the question of justice, equity and good administration are ever present in the consciousness of many people in Ethiopia even though the government and civil societies claim that they are making every effort to establish these virtues. Though significant steps have been taken towards the socio-economic development of the nation, many people still suffer under severe poverty and its consequences as a result of manifold natural and human-made problems.

EGST believes that it has been fulfilling its vision, and indeed responsibility, to serve church and society by producing Christ-like women and men who could live up to these expectations by becoming the agents of ecclesial and societal transformation.However, the time has come for us as an institution to ask ourselves a soul-searching question; are we living up to the purpose of our existence? Are we meeting the expectations of those we seek to benefit from our services?
We hope that EGST stakeholders will all have an opportunity to answer these questions soon in order to help us as an institution to improve and grow in our service for the betterment of the churches and society.

We also trust that you stand with us in the implementation process of the EGST Five Year Strategic Plan, 2016-2020 which focuses in advancing program development and academic excellence; research development and excellence and community engagement together with institutional and financial capacity development

I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you and warmly welcome you to EGST!

Misgana Mathewos,PhD
Director of EGST