Master of Arts in Leadership & Management

Master of Arts in Leadership & Management (MALM)

Overview: The purpose of the program is to equip students with a clear Christian perspective for competent, effective, and efficient management and leadership of the community, of profit and not-for profit (churches, NGOs) organisations, and/or public service organisations in Ethiopia and beyond. The program integrates the study of leadership and management philosophies, theories, principles and practices with contextually relevant biblical perspectives.

Biblical and Theological Courses 25 credit hours

Biblical Studies

BS 501 Scripture and Methods of Interpretation 3

BS 502 Pentateuch and Narratives 2

BS 503 Prophets and Wisdom Literature 2

BS 504 Gospels and Acts 2

BS 505 Pauline and General Letters 2

Theological and Historical Studies

ST 501 God, Creation and Humanity 3

ST 502 Christ and Salvation 3

CH 501 History of Christianity 3


MI 502 The Church and Mission 3

Practical Theology

PT 505 Worldview and Spirituality 2

Leadership Courses 16 credit hours

LM 552 Diversity Factors in Leadership (Ethnic and Gender Issues) 3

LM 553 Ethics for Christian Leaders 3

LM 554 Leadership Theories and Practices 3

LM 559 Human Rights, Justice and Advocacy 3

LM 555 Issues of Policy and Governance 2

LM 560 Leading Different Organizations 2

Management Courses 13 credit hours

Serving Church and Society in Ethiopia and beyond 26

LM 551 Organisational Development and Behaviour 3

LM 556 Strategic Planning, Management and Change 3

LM 557 Human Resources Development 3

LM 558 Stewardship, Finance and Budgeting 2

LM 562 Conflict Management 2

Core Courses 5 credit hours

EM 601 Research Methods and Academic Writing 3

PT 503 Personal Development 1 1

PT 504 Personal Development 2 1

LM 600 Thesis 6 credit hours

Total 65 credit hours

Note: The Biblical and Theological courses detailed above are to be taken by students who do not have a theological background. Students holding a theological first degree will be required to do eight courses (24 credits) from the MABTS programme: one Old Testament, one New Testament, one Systematic Theology, one Church History, one Mission/Practical Theology and any other three elective MABTS courses