Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) 

EGST academic standards expect students to study for a minimum number of hours per week depending on the number of credit hours being taken. The course syllabus, bibliography, assignments, exams and marking matrix have been set assuming this minimum level of study. Many students may need to spend more time than this but if less time is being spent studying, you are not working at Master’s Level and this is deemed to be unsatisfactory. The minimum required study hours per week are as follows:

3 credit hour course: 10 hours of study including class instruction 2 credit hour course: 7 hours of study including class instruction

Therefore, a student who is taking a full-time load of four courses (12 credit hours) can expect to spend an average of 40 hours per week taking classes, reading, preparing for class discussions, completing assignments, studying for exams, etc.

Some EGST courses are taught as an “intensive” course for half a semester. That is, instead of meeting for three hours a week for the entire semester, the course meets for six hours a week, but only for the first or second half of the semester. Students in these courses are expected to adjust their weekly study hours accordingly. Because of the amount of time required in an intensive course, students should normally register for only one intensive course at a time.

Students are urged to be careful when choosing courses that they do not register for more courses than they can handle at one time (maximum 12-15 credit hours), given other ministry, work and personal responsibilities. Ministry responsibilities or other work assignments or travel will not be considered as excused absences from class sessions or as a basis for reducing expectations for students’ coursework.