Faculty Sabbatical

To recruit and retain faculty at EGST, it is important that EGST provides an academically attractive environment which can compete with that of other international post-graduate universities and schools. In order to create this environment, EGST seeks to introduce a Faculty Sabbatical Programme, which allows faculty to take a sabbatical period in accordance with the EGST policy.

The purpose of a sabbatical is to allow faculty to pursue academic research, publication and teaching and other ministry opportunities both within Ethiopia and overseas during a time period without regular faculty obligations. Such an opportunity will have several results. First, it facilitates faculty retention and motivation. Second, it enhances teaching standards as faculty will keep up-to-date with current thinking. Third, it enables EGST to remain competitive with other international post-graduate institutions who offer sabbaticals. The cumulative result is that EGST will attract and retain up-to-date and published scholars, which will help enhance its credibility as an institution.

Anticipated expenses for one three-month sabbatical:

Monthly cost (USD) Total cost (USD)
Living expenses 920 2,760
Airfare and other transportation costs 1,180
Publication costs 370
TOTAL   4,310


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