Projects and Community Services


The implementation of EGST’s mission in ‘serving church and society’ began with the introduction of a master’s program in HIV AIDS and Compassionate Care Project in 2003.

Since then the Community Outreach Practicum Project was initiated in 2012 in partnership with the Church of Sweden and SIDA for addressing gender, health and theology issues in Ethiopia. When the pilot period was concluded in December 2013, another four year project period was extended from 2014-2017. Based on this experience and the mission of EGST, a five-year strategic plan is established to guide the long term direction from 2016-2020.

Project Components:

The EGST Projects and Community Services is currently a component of the larger strategic Community Engagement pillar which focuses on reaching church and society. It runs a number of projects in partnership with churches, government and other stakeholders in Ethiopia. Some of these projects are

  • Community Outreach Practicum Projects for students’ field education
  • Community Outreach Projects on Maternal and Child Health in Holeta Town Administration, Oromia Regional State, and Addis Ababa City Government
  • Church and Community Leaders Training and Empowerment Project in Holeta Town Administration, Oromia Regional State, and Addis Ababa City Government
  • Channels of Hope in Maternal and New Born Child Health (CoH MNCH)  in 15 districts of World Vision Ethiopia Area Programs in Addis Ababa, Oromia, and SNNPR
  • Education for Sustainable Development, ESD project with four public teacher education colleges and four other theological seminaries in collaboration with EGST Center for Environmental Stewardship and Holistic Development (CESHoD). This project was operationalized in partnership with the Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Communication (INFU), Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
  • EGST Community Services Action Project, CAP is a self-initiated community support project for the neediest and marginalized segments of society. Resources are mobilized from EGST faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of EGST.
  • Social Protection: since August 2015 EGST, in partnership with Church of Sweden, has launched a social protection initiative with the objective of integrating teaching, research, community services, and FBO networking in its Community Engagement roles.

The EGST Projects and Community Services Program is part of the EGST Development and Communication Department where partnerships are welcome in the existing fields of gender, HIV AIDS, health, environment, social protection and community development projects.

We have developed a strong team of experienced staff and field tested practices in integrating not only teaching, research and community engagements but also development practice with religious lenses which is a unique nature of its kind.

For further information contact us:

Addise Amado

Head, EGST Development, and Communications

Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST)

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