EGST Launched Green Campus Initiative Waste Recycling and Roof Gardening In Focus


EGST has launched solid waste recycling and campus greening initiatives and seeks its community support.


EGST Staff, students, alumni and supporters are kindly requested to recycle waste papers and cartons into designated recycling baskets.


Moreover, we call for donations of green pot plants and/or flowers. Interested supporters can sponsor more plants and flowers while EGST will arrange transportation.


Some varieties of the plants and flowers are available as demonstration at different floors of EGST. You are encouraged to observe and take pictures of the plants and flowers.


When you donate a pot plant and/or flower, the plant’s scientific name and your name will be labeled on the container.

Make Change

Meet the Challenge


For more information and support please contact Ruth Mekuria @ 0911 435064 or Tsion Brehanu @ 0911 887916

Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology

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