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Gender conference highlights key issues

In 2014, The Association of Evangelical Theological Institutions in Ethiopia (AETIE), in close collaboration with EGST, held a gender awareness-raising seminar and panel discussion for theological educators and students. The seminar included six presentations on Socio-Political, Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Gender, Theological and Biblical perspectives on gender, the role of women in the church and gender consciousness development. Presenters included faculty and MTh students from EGST. The seminar also provided a workshop for in-depth discussion on key related issues to provide opportunity to share experiences between participants. The overall goal of the project was to raise the awareness of theological educators and students concerning the issue of gender towards more effective involvement in changing the worldview within Christian society and specifically, towards better addressing of various challenges related to gender that exist in the Christian community.

The seminar focused on four key objectives

  • interest and awareness-raising for theological educators and students on gender related issues;
  • mobilizing theological educators to address the gaps that exist in relation to Gender Bodily Violation (GBV) through their existing structures;
  • producing teaching and study material;
  • Preparing a platform for theological educators to discuss gender related issues.

The presentations and outcomes of the seminar will be published in 2015. Further, AETIE, in close collaboration with EGST, will continue to organize seminars relating to other critical issues facing churches.