More about EGST Library

Inter-Library Loan Services

Members of the EGST library may request materials, essential to their study or work, to be

obtained for them from other libraries (ETC and MYTC).

  1. EGST Library is committed to resource sharing with other libraries (ETC & MYTC) based on the three libraries agreement.
  2. Books may be checked out for one semester.
  3. The first copy of the book will not be signed out.
  4. The following items will not be signed out:
    1. Reference books
    2. Theses, Newspapers
    3. Items on course reserve
    4. Rare books
    5. Audio/Videocassette, DVDs, or CDs
  5. Borrowing libraries may be denied borrowing privileges for repeated overdue or lost items.

Acquisition Suggestions

Acquisition suggestions will be made mainly by leaders of programmes. All suggestions will be approved by the Library Advisory Committee before acquisitions are made. Library users can also suggest items not held in the EGST Library for acquisition.

Information Services

The Library staff are available to assist patrons in the library. The EGST System Administrator is

available to assist users in the Computer Laboratory.

General Regulations

  1. The library is not responsible for personal items lost in the library.
  2. Silence must be maintained in the library and computer lab.
  3. Food and drink is not allowed in the library or computer lab.
  4. Cell phones should be either switched off or set to “silent ring” when entering the library and computer lab. Answering calls in the library is strictly forbidden.
  5. It is forbidden to mark library materials.
  6. Patrons who use the library and computer lab must abide by the rules and regulations of the library. If patrons fail to do so, they will lose their library privileges temporarily or permanently.