Administrative Procedures

Time Limit for Degrees

In recognition that ministry or employment obligations of some students will limit their ability to take courses, there is no time limit for the completion of a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) or Master of Arts degree. However, if a student does not complete their diploma or degree programme within 5 years, they must present a written request to the Registrar requesting that their registration be allowed to continue, and presenting their plan for the conclusion of the degree. The Faculty Council will decide in the light of the plan presented whether or not the request will be granted.

MTh students will incur a thesis continuation fee equivalent to 1/3 of the full time tuition rate for each semester after the normal thesis-writing year, i.e., after the two semesters following the acceptance of the thesis proposal. For example, a student whose thesis proposal is submitted and accepted in September will have to pay a continuation fee if they do not submit the thesis within one calendar year. The thesis must be completed within three years of entry into the MTh programme. No student may withdraw from EGST after the thesis proposal has been submitted and accepted.

Registration for Courses

Registration periods for both new and current students are identified on the academic calendar in this Handbook. There is a registration fee of 50 EB. Students who fail to register during the normal registration period will incur a 50 EB penalty.

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop a course or courses up until the end of the first week of a regular semester. January or Rainy Season courses may not be added after the end of the first day. 80% of the course fee is refunded for the courses dropped within the deadlines. Otherwise no refund will be given for courses dropped.

Repeating Courses

A course for which a C or C+ has been received may not normally be repeated. A student may apply to the Dean of Studies for permission to retake a course for which a C has been received. Such permission will normally only be granted to students for whom the C is likely to block graduation. All such applications will be evaluated by the Dean of Studies on a case-by-case basis.

Required courses for which a grade of D+ or lower has been received must be repeated. Elective courses or other courses outside a student’s area of concentration may be repeated. Repeated courses shall receive grades not exceeding B-. The original grade and course will remain on the transcript but will not count towards the student’s GPA. No more than two courses may be repeated.

Students may substitute another course for a required course in which a D+ or lower has been received only if the original course is no longer offered or has been cancelled during the semester in which it was scheduled to be offered. Students may compensate for grades of C or lower in elective courses by taking a maximum of two courses beyond the number of courses that are normally taken within each degree programme.

Withdrawing from Courses

Students are allowed to drop courses before or after the first class session. Students who drop a course prior to the first class session will receive a full refund. If an alternative course is added to replace the dropped course prior to the first class session then a full refund will also be given. For students who drop a course but do not replace it with an alternative course prior to the first class session, the refund will be 80%. Students dropping courses after the first class session will not receive a refund.

It is, however, possible to withdraw from courses if the reason for doing so is deemed valid. Courses withdrawn up to the sixth week will not be recorded on the student’s transcript. Courses may be withdrawn after the sixth week and prior to the end of the twelfth week only with the permission of the instructor and Dean of Studies. Courses dropped during this period will be noted as WP (withdraw passing) or WF (withdraw failing) in the student’s official transcript. Neither WP nor WF will contribute to the student’s GPA. Students who withdraw from courses between the tenth and twelfth week and for whom WP is recorded may be allowed to complete the course by special arrangements with the instructor and Dean of Studies and approved by the Faculty Council.

Incomplete Courses

If a student fails to complete all requirements for a course before the given deadline, the student may receive an ‘I’ (incomplete). Such a grade will only be given if the instructor and Dean of Studies deem the reason for the student’s failure to complete the course requirements valid. When an ‘I’ is recorded on the student’s record, the student must complete the course within eight weeks to enable the ‘I’ to be converted into a grade. If the course remains uncompleted after eight weeks, the “I” will become an ‘F’ in the student’s record.


Absence from class is occasionally inevitable but you need to note the following points:

  • If students miss more than 3 classes then no grade for that course will be recorded.
  • If students miss 3 classes then their grade will be dropped by one grade.
  • Late arrival or early departure (i.e. by 20+mins), for whatever reason, will count as missing half a class.
  • Minor illnesses or emergency appointments are accounted for in that although students are expected to attend all classes, there is no penalty for missing 1 or 2 classes where the reason given is good.
  • In the case of major illnesses or other genuinely exceptional and valid circumstance – which must be agreed to by Faculty Council – students may be permitted to undertake extra work in order to compensate for up to 6 missed classes. If you think you fall into this category, you must talk to the Registrar.

Class Size

Normally all courses are limited to a minimum enrollment of five and a maximum enrollment of 20, although in some cases exceptions may be approved by the course instructor and the Dean of Studies. Students are not guaranteed a place in a course outside their field of study or area of concentration.

Auditing Courses

If the lecturer agrees, students may audit courses and auditing students are not counted in the determination of class size. Auditing students may listen to lectures on the understanding that they will not receive evaluation in any form from the instructor. All auditing students must pay a 150 EB auditing fee.

Spouses of duly registered students who wish to audit courses may do so without charge if they do not wish to receive course materials, or for 50 EB if they wish to receive limited course materials such as handouts.

Alumni are warmly encouraged to take or audit courses. Courses taken for credit will be recorded on a new transcript towards a further qualification if desired. When taking a course for credit, Alumni must pay the fee for the course current at that time. Courses may be audited without charge without course materials, or for 50 EB with limited course materials such as handouts. When a class is full, priority will be given to students who have not yet graduated.

Course Materials

Each student is allotted 50 photocopies per course without charge. Photocopies in excess of 50 will not be covered by EGST. The allotment of 50 photocopies is for class handouts rather than the compilation of a course reader.

Withdrawing from EGST

It is recognised that work, ministry, family or personal circumstances may sometimes require that students do not register for any courses for a period of time. In such circumstances, students must submit a letter indicating that they are withdrawing from EGST and indicate when they expect to resume their studies. Failure to withdraw properly will require that a student pay a penalty of 150 EB at the time they resume their studies in addition to the 50 EB continuation fee (see below) for each semester during which they did not take courses. Students who do not register for a course for more than one semester in succession should submit written notification of their intent to resume their studies. Students can only recommence their studies if there is space on the respective programme; otherwise students must place their name on the waiting list.

Students who withdraw from EGST will be charged a continuation fee of 50 EB (an amount equivalent to the registration fee) for each semester a student remains withdrawn from EGST, which must be paid before a student recommences his or her studies.

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