Students Assesments

Student Assessment

To ensure consistent and rigourous academic standards, the following expectations and regulations apply.

Assignment expectations

These will be clearly set out in the syllabus provided for each course. Although the pattern will vary considerably the total assignments for each course will be equivalent and will require the same total amount of time to complete.

Late Assignments

Students must submit their assignments within the deadlines detailed in course syllabi.

Late submission will incur the following penalties:

  • For an assignment 1-2 days late, penalty is at instructor’s discretion.
  • For an assignment 3-5 days late, grade will drop 2 grade-steps (e.g. from B+ to B- or from B to C+).
  • For an assignment more than 5 days late, grade will drop 3 grade-steps.
  • Any assignment more than 10 days late will receive no higher than a C grade.
  • Assignments more than 15 days late will receive an F grade.
  • Note: Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays do not count in the calculation of days but if an assignment is due on the last day of a semester, normal vacation days do count.

In exceptional cases, students may request an extension of deadlines. The request must be submitted in writing to the Registrar clearly setting out the circumstances and stating the length of extension required. Employment, ministry responsibilities or minor illnesses (i.e. of one or two day duration) are not considered valid reasons for extensions; students must plan their work taking these into account. Wherever possible, extensions must be requested in advance. The Registrar will consult with the Dean of Studies and the student will then be informed whether or not the extension has been granted. If an extension is granted or if the circumstances leading to the late submission of an assignment are considered valid, then no penalty is applied.

Students, however, must not seek unfair academic advantage over other students by misrepresenting their personal circumstances in order to obtain the extension of deadlines.

Return of assignments by Faculty

Students can expect to receive their marked assignments back within four weeks of the submission date. If faculty are habitually late in not returning assignments within four weeks, students have the right to appeal to the Dean of Studies.