Loan Service


1.1  General

  1. Patrons should show their identification card when they borrow books.
  2. Patrons should notify the circulation desk of any change of contact information without delay.
  3. No book should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the library staff. Any removal of books without following the procedure will be treated as theft.
  4. Each borrower must examine the condition of the books before they are issued, as borrowers will be liable for any damage.
  5. Borrowers can place items, which have been checked out by another person, on hold.
  6. Users must pay for any lost books. The cost will be the cost of replacement plus shipping.
  7. In cases in which the price of lost books is not ascertained, the student should pay as compensation an amount fixed by the Library Advisory Committee.
  8. Any item on loan may be recalled by the librarian if it is required urgently for any reason.
  9. A borrower against whom any fee or charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books from the library, nor be allowed to graduate
  10. New books are not allowed to be taken from the librarian’s office before they are processed.
  11. New books will be displayed for one week after processing. Books may not be borrowed from the new book display.
  12. All library users must behave in a quiet and respectful way that does not disturb other users and must respond to requests from the librarian for silence.
  13. Any failure to keep these rules will be reported by the Librarian to the Director and a decision will be made as to the penalty to be applied – this may be a temporary or permanent exclusion from the use of library facilities. Repeated offenses will be treated more seriously. Any attempt to enter the library during a penalty exclusion may result in the Director’s decision to suspend that person from the School.

1.2. EGST Students

Students may check out seven books at a time for 15 days. Reference works, journals, periodicals, theses and DVDs may not be borrowed but may be used within the library.

Overdue Items

  • A fine of 1 Birr per day will be charged for overdue books.
  • A fine of 2 Birr per day will be charged for recalled books.
  • A fine of 3 Birr per day will be charged for reserved books.
  • Sundays and Public holidays are counted.
  • Students with overdue books will not receive a final mark for a course, nor will they beallowed to register for another course until books are returned.
  • Friends of EGST

Friends of EGST, whose friendship has been approved by the EGST administration and library committee, may borrow books. The EGST alumni may use books in the library and have access to the internet but they have to use their own computer. If they want to check out books, they should pay 200 Birr per year and may check out two books at a time. If they want to use internet, they should pay additional 200 Birr per year. EGST Board members and members of EGST related mission organizations may sign out a maximum of two books for up to two weeks, unless other arrangements are made with the library staff.

  • External Users

Users who neither belong to EGST nor are friends of EGST should bring legal recommendation letters. They are permitted to use items in the library only.