Students Council

  • EGST has a school-sponsored and supported Student Council for the purpose of promoting community life and worship, organizing student social events, representing student concerns to the administration and putting together the annual EGST graduation yearbook.

    All students are encouraged to get involved with the Student Council either by standing for election or by supporting the Council in the activities it organizes. This is an important way that you can serve your School community. (See Appendix: ‘EGST Student Council Terms of Reference’)


  • The EGST Student Council represents the School’s student body and serves as the liaison between the student body and the EGST administration in general and the Dean of Students in particular. The Student Council is also responsible for promoting community life and worship, organising student special events, representing student concerns to the administration, and putting together the annual EGST yearbook in consultation with the Dean of Students/EGST Administration.

    1. The Student Council consists of five-elected student representatives: one from each of the EGST programmes. A meeting of the whole student body elects the student representatives. All are elected for a three-semester period of service with a possible re­election. This election will take place every February, during the second semester of the academic year. Nomination of candidates will be conducted at the end of the first semester of the academic year.
    2. The Student Council elects its President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and announces to the student body immediately.
      1. The Council President serves as Chairperson of the Student Council and student body meetings. He/she also acts as the spokesperson for the students and represents the student body at meetings of the EGST Faculty Council.
      2. In the absence of the President, the Vice President oversees the affairs of the student body and represents the Student Council in meetings, etc.
      3. The Secretary serves in organising documentation and taking minutes during meetings.
      4. The Treasurer is responsible for fundraising, managing expenses and keeping accurate accounts.
      5. The other member of the Council participates in meetings and supports the Council in different areas where he/she is needed.
    3. The Student Council will meet at least once a month. A special meeting can be called by the Chairperson or upon the request of at least two of the Council members. Student Council may call meetings of the student body periodically or/and whenever necessary.
      1. The Student Council reports their meetings to and share their minutes with the Dean of Students.
      2. The Student Council is expected to update their progress to the student body quarterly.
    4. The Student Council will discuss matters of general concern related to student life (i.e. questions concerning EGST facilities, cooperation between students and EGST leadership, academic matters, unity and fellowship of the student body, EGST development, etc.).
    5. The Student Council will work in close co-operation with the Dean of Students in order to act upon matters of common concern. Whenever the Student Council has requests and proposals involving academic and administrative matters, it must forward such requests and proposals through the Dean of Students.
    6. The Student Council, if/when necessary, along with the Dean of Students will deal with problems that may occur among students or between students and staff or faculty.
      1. A dispute between two students can be solved by involvement of Student Council members.
      2. A problem between an instructor and a student or staff and student will be reported to the Dean of Students.
    7. The Student Council will establish various committees in cooperation with the Dean of Students and follow up their activities. The Council receives reports from the committee leaders at the end of each semester and has the authority to make changes if necessary.
    8. The Student Council will be in close correspondence with the representative of the Alumni Council in order to help the Alumni remain in touch with the EGST Community and activities.
    9. The Student Council, in consultation with the Dean of Students, can contact the student governing bodies of other schools directly or through their school administrations for social activities, worship, academic meetings, etc., in order to foster good relations.
    10. The Student Council forms a yearbook committee that raises funds and oversees the publication of the yearbook. The yearbook committee works closely with the Dean of Students and School administration.
    11. The President of the Student Council presents an annual report to the Student Body at the end of the academic year. The report has to include the highlights of the things that have been done through the year and also a financial report of the fiscal year.
    12. The Student Council is responsible to the EGST Dean of Students.
    13. The Student Council will follow up the attendance slips for student worship, tutorial groups and academic seminars conducted by the school.