Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Students are required to cover their own costs during their stay at EGST for the services rendered to them. The current administration fees are listed below. However, it is important to note that the fee structure is subject to revision based on the service rendered and market price. It should also be noted that the following figures which relate to course materials and living expense are rough estimations to help students plan their finance in advance but are not binding in any way.

Application fee – 100.00 ETB one-time fee
Registration fee – 75.00 ETB per semester
Late registration fee – 150.00 ETB per semester in addition to registration fee
Too late registration fee – 500.00 ETB per including registration fee
Late payment fee – 75.00 ETB per month
Continuation fee for students withdrawn from EGST – 200.00 ETB one-time fee
Fee for improper withdrawal – 300.00 ETB one-time fee to resume studies in addition to re-admission fee of 200.00 ETB
Continuation fee for MA and MTh theses is 25% of the total fee per semester for the respective programmes or 50% per year depending on the length of extension.

Tuition fee for EGST courses and thesis is 600.00 ETB per credit hour including Student Activities Fee (SAF). Students who are sponsored by churches, individuals or organisations within Ethiopia and students who finance their own studies will receive an automatic discount of 175.00 ETB per credit hour, which means 425.00 ETB per credit.

Cost of course materials per year is estimated to be as follows:
Text Book and Readers – 3,600.00 ETB per year
Reference Books – 3,600.00 ETB per year

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