EGST has a growing Alumni Association, which is supported by EGST and works closely with the Head of Student Affairs. Membership of the Alumni Association is automatic on graduation, and all Alumni receive the EGST Newsletter as well as invitations to key events, seminars and lectures at EGST. All Alumni are encouraged to stay in touch with EGST and one another in order to encourage, share burdens, and practice our different ministries for the advancement of God’s kingdom and the common good.
Due to the geographic dispersion of EGST Alumni within Ethiopia and beyond, the primary means of contact is by e-mail. On graduation, students will be asked to complete a contact and vocational details form, which will be stored on EGST’s database for purposes of administration and communication. It is the responsibility of Alumni to advise EGST of any change in these details.
The Alumni Association will have its own committee that works for the advancement of alumni and serves as a liaison between EGST and the alumni.
Should you have any inquiries, and as Alumni in order to update your addresses and learn more about the association and events it organises, please contact the current Alumni Chairperson, Ato Natnael Assefa:


Abel Nigussie (EGST Alumnus)

Abel Nigussie, a 2012 Graduate of EGST is a full-time minister at Nifas Silk Mulu Wongel Church where he actively serves for ten years. He holds training and teaching seminars for the church and speaks in various congregations as well. He is also engaged in equipping the youth with sound Biblical teaching and Christian discipline.

Abel graduated from EGST in Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies and we asked him about his stay at EGST and his alumni activities:

In a physical and natural world, continuous nourishment is essential for a healthy and strong life style. There is no such thing as fate: eat or die! The same is true in a spiritual journey. Any born again Christian needs to be regularly nourished that his existence in life be guaranteed. As the scripture says ‘man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of God’s mouth’ (Matthew 4:4).

When I recall my stay at EGST, what comes into my mind is just nourishment with the courses which I took, just it is like feasting with spiritual food. Truly, EGST has trained both my hands and heart. It gave me a tool to build and enlarge God’s kingdom. Besides, it enlightened my eyes to fix on Jesus. For a number of years, I have been involving in nurturing saints. I had a chance to serve in a church in leadership arena, to empower youth and teens. God gave me a chance to rich and enrich many through a media. All these acts of ministry were inflamed by EGST. My stay there was not in vain. Since then it has been my motto “The quality of time we spent in preparation determines our success in ministry”. Nourish well and serve well.

One of the major reasons why I recommend others to join EGST is because the school helps students to be self-nurtured first and then nurture others. It helps ministers to purify their motives for ministry, see their inward content and then be committed to serve the community at large.

“Truly, EGST has trained both my hands and heart.”– Abel Nigussie

“The quality of time we spent in preparation determines our success in ministry.”– Abel Nigussie

Alumni of 2020

Yenigat Abera Abate, a 2016 Graduate of the Gender Health and Theology concentration was recognized as the Best Alumni for her consistent support of the Community Action Project. She played a major role in contacting EGST with the Lideta Juvenile Rehabilitation Center through her practicum and she continued to volunteer to the Community Action work.  The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in its Gender, Health and Theology symposium held from Nov 28-29, recognized her effort by awarding a certificate of recognition from the hand of the former director Dr. Desta Heliso.

This month, she has been nominated as Alumni of the month. She narrates her story as follows.

When I think of myself joining EGST, God’s timing, plan and His graciousness come to my mind.

After I graduated in Law from Hawassa University, I had a desire to study in a school that embraces a holistic approach. But I have no idea where and how to start. And then, I heard about the admissions of EGST when I was in the southern Ethiopia for a volunteer work. I received two unexpected calls from persons I never received a phone call before. The first call is from my brother’s friend (Josh, he is a graduate of EGST) and the second call from my friend’s friend (Lidia). Then I got registered and admitted to my dream school EGST.

While I studying at EGST, I was a full-time worker at “organization for Social development” in a project that implements CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) in Benshangul Gumuz region. I am indebted to Ruth Solomon, my supervisor who was so cooperative that I can study at EGST. I cannot thank her enough.

The academic quality, the very diligent, approachable and passionate instructors , the triad group(Three students mentoring one another )my friends who are like family are among the various values that made me enjoy every minute of my stay at EGST, even during the hard times.

Currently, I am working for “Facing Africa” and my training from EGST impacts everything that I do for the glory of God. I also volunteer at Lideta Juvenile rehabilitation center. Looking back to my journey in EGST, I am grateful for everything that God has given me, the opportunity of learning and meeting great people. I am also thankful for the volunteer work granted through EGST’s Community Action project which satisfies my childhood desire.

Therefore, I highly suggest EGST for its great academic place to anyone who wants to explore more of their potential and become change agents on their respective intended arenas of lives.

“I highly suggest EGST for its great academic place to anyone who wants to explore more of their potential and become change agents on their respective intended arenas of lives. “- Yenigat Abera Abate, EGST Alumni of the month

Alumni of the Month


“I believe God will challenge Christians attending at EGST to grow in knowledge, in Christian maturity and spirituality fitting for service as good soldiers of Jesus Christ”- Yared Donis, EGST Alumni of the month

In this menu, we feature the activities and achievements of EGST alumni. We hope this enhances networking among alumni members and strengthen the spirit of fellowship. Comments and contributions are welcome at


My name is Yared Donis and I am a lawyer. Before, I joined EGST, I used to work for a Pan-African child rights advocacy organization called the African Child Policy Forum. While I was working there, the idea of pursuing a Post-Graduate degree suddenly became a necessity to complement my legal knowledge, which mostly focused on analysis of legal rules and principles, with practical social science field that deals with issues of poverty and community life.

How I Joined EGST

As a Christian professional, I have always been fascinated by Christ’s treatment of and promises to the poor (Luke 4:16-20 and Isa. 61:1-2). Therefore, I was looking for a course on poverty and development, and it was just before I decided to join Addis Ababa University’s MA program that I heard about the Development Studies courses offered at EGST. Thus, I did further research and found out that EGST is delivering an intensive and quality courses both in the Development Studies and Theology programmes. The fact that its combined Theology courses with the mainstream community development courses became very appealing.


Finally, despite its reputation, I did not really know about EGST so I took time to pray about it and realized that God was leading me to study there.

My Experience at EGST

Through the two years of my studies at EGST, I witnessed that it was indeed God that led me there. I experienced God’s faithfulness, guidance and provision every single semester. I can say God did three things in my life during my stay at the school. First, through the theology courses and interactions with friends and professors, God encouraged me to articulate my faith. It was a season where I felt really closer to God. He helped me to see and taste that there is more depth to Christian spirituality than what I had experienced in my Pentecostal background. God also helped me to experience his presence in the pursuit of biblical knowledge in an academic setting. I am thankful to God, my professors and friends for that.

Second, God gave me genuine Christian fellowship and friends. Learning at EGST was an opportunity to have a glimpse of what true Christian community and friendship looked like. Even after graduation, I kept contact with few of my classmates. These friends made the rigorous academic journey more enjoyable.

Thirdly, the MA in Development Studies, which I concentrated on Community Development and Theology was an asset that God helped me complete with great distinction. Through this qualification, God opened opportunities for me to return to my previous work and contribute in child-rights advocacy. Moreover, through the recommendation of Professor Aklilu Dalelo, I got the opportunity to teach undergraduate community development courses at the Evangelical Theological College (ETC). I am grateful for all these, because I have always wanted to contribute my knowledge and skill to God’s people.

Current Work

I am currently working for an organization called Hope for Justice. I am also teaching community development courses at ETC on part-time basis. Moreover, as part of EGST’s alumni community, I have the privilege to use EGST library resources from time to time. The hospitality of the staff and faculty is something I am always grateful for.

Advice for Potential Applicants 

I strongly encourage any qualified Christian who wants to sharpen her or his calling in ministering to the church and local communities to apply to EGST. I also strongly encourage potential applicants to pray about it and seek God’s guidance as they prepare to join the school. I believe, once that is done, through the intensive courses and demanding academic exercises, God will challenge Christians attending at EGST to grow in knowledge, in Christian maturity and spirituality fitting for service as good soldiers of Jesus Christ who will be able to equip others (2 Tim 2:1-7).

Profile Summary:

Full name: Yared Donis Alemu

Church affiliation: currently attending Amanuel Hibret Church at Mexico

Educational background: LL.B. at Addis Ababa University; MA in Development Studies at EGST; and LL.M in Business Law student at Addis Ababa University

Program completed at EGST: MA in Development Studies: Community Development and Theology

Year of graduation: July 2017

Current engagements: Legal Officer for an INGO called Hope for Justice (formerly called Retrak). Hope for Justice works to combat and bring an end to modern slavery. Part-time lecturer in Community Development at ETC.

Engagement with EGST: use of EGST library resources and space it allows for its alumni. I would love to return and do an MABTS in Systematic/ Public Theology.