Academic Seminar

Academic Seminar

The monthly academic seminar for the month of November featured Dr. Lidetu Alemu on November 15, 2019 at EGST.

Dr Lidetu, faculty member and Programme Leader of the Management and Leadership Academic Programme at EGST spoke on the Image of Fatherhood as a Model of Church leadership. His presentation intended to explore the image of fatherhood, among an array of Biblical models of leadership, being practiced in Ethiopian church leadership. His study brought discussions drawn from Biblical, cultural, and contemporary leadership conceptualizations by supporting with qualitative data.

According to Dr. Lidetu, the “significance of the study is its integrative approach. While integration may take place in different ways, this study integrates Biblical studies with contemporary leadership studies at the development of its conceptual framework.”

Based on the findings of the study, Dr. Lidetu recommended three things.

  1. More research should be undertaken in different parts of the country and the world at large that integrate Biblical lessons on leadership together with cultural and contemporary conceptualization of leadership.
  2. Designing character-based leadership development models to forge ideals of Christian values, and
  3. Teaching and encouraging parents to adhere to Biblical ethos of raising children thereby exercising leadership at home.

The seminar was followed by answers and question session from the participants comprised of faculty, staff, current students and alumni.

EGST organizes monthly academic seminar on contemporary issues relevant to church and society in Ethiopia and beyond.

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