How to Apply

How to Apply

Both the application and church recommendation forms are available from EGST Registrar’s Office or EGST website: Applicants are also required to write a personal testimony in a separate sheet in not more than 300 words.
Applications are complete only if the following are fulfilled:
1) Two recent photographs
2) Copies of Diploma and Student Copy (transcript) with the originals
3) Official Transcript – This is to be sent directly from the applicant’s previous academic institution. It should be noted that Official Transcript is invalid if handled by applicant. Applicants who for various reasons fail to present their official transcript before the close of the admission process should confirm in writing that they will submit it until they complete their studies at EGST. If, however, they fail to do so upon completion of their studies, their EGST degrees will be withheld until they have submitted the document.
4) Church Recommendation – This refers to EGST form intended to be filled by concerned church leaders where the applicant is a member. Church Recommendation is valid only if it bears the stamp of the church and signature of the church leader (Pastor, Board Chairperson).
5) Application Fee of 300.00 ETB (subject to revision) – Application fee is paid upon turning in the application form along with all the required documents as stated above with an exception to #3.

All applicants for PGD and MA programmes will be required to complete English entrance exam with two major sections: essay writing and comprehension questions from reading passages. The test will provide admissions staff with information on the student’s English proficiency.

Applicants are also required to take either Bible knowledge assessment or doctrine test depending on their background. That is applicants with theological background will take doctrine test whereas those who have non-theological background sit for Bible knowledge assessment test. Neither of the two tests accounts to short-listing applicants for interview. Only applicants who successfully pass the English entrance exam will be shortlisted for interview.

The kind of English Test EGST currently administers is International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is intended for internal use only. Acceptable band score will be decided by EGST Admissions Committee and may vary from year to year depending on the difficulty level of the test.

MTh applicants will be required to take English Test but for different purpose. EGST students/alumni applying for MTh will take the test for placement purpose whereas applicants from other institutions will take the test as an entry requirement. It implies that admission/rejection of applicants from other institutions will be determined by their band score on the IELTS.

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