Applicants must hold a first degree for both PGD and MA programmes. For the MTh programme, however, applicants must hold EGST MDiv/MABTS or equivalent from recognized institution. Where the degrees are not yet achieved, applicants must provide evidence of competencies obtained before enrolment can take place.

Applicants for the Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (MABTS) must hold a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or similar first degree in theology with a minimum CGPA of 2.75.
All candidates must also have a 1-year New Testament Greek with a minimum grade of ‘C’ or a pass in the Greek competency test administered by EGST. In addition, taking Hebrew is compulsory for Old Testament specialization.

Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or similar first degree in theology with a minimum GPA of 2.75, or first degree in a non-theological subject with a minimum GPA of 2.5 is a requirement to join the PGD, MADevS and MALM programmes.

The Master of Theology (MTh) is a one-year research degree open to students holding the MDiv, MABTS or equivalent post-graduate theology degree, with a minimum CGPA of 3.3. Prospective graduates of MABTS with the right CGPA can also apply. Applicants for this programme will be required to submit their proposals along with completed application forms.

IELTS or equivalent English examination administered by EGST shall be mandatory. IELTS administered by the British Council and/or other licensed agent organizations with band score of 5.0 in all skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) or TOEFL with a minimum score of 500 is acceptable.
Exempted candidates and those who successfully pass the English Test administered by EGST will be short-listed for interview, which will be conducted by panel of EGST faculty.

Application Process and Procedures : EGST will require accreditation of the applicant’s prior learning prior to enrolment. Candidates applying both on full-time and part-time basis will need to complete application form collected in person from Registrar’s Office within the time set for this purpose. Alternatively, application forms can be downloaded from the EGST website at

All applications must include a reference commenting on the applicant’s suitability and aptitude for study on the proposed programme and would therefore normally be provided by the local church in which the applicant is a member or sending church in which the applicant is ministering.

EGST Alumni wishing to apply for other programmes of study should complete the application form and submit it along with church recommendation by the deadline published on the admission announcement for either the first or the second round admission. However, EGST students and alumni are not required to sit for the entrance exam but will be required to attend for interview.

Students from other recognized institutions who are in their final year of study earning a minimum CPA of 3.0 can apply during the second round admission. However, they are eligible for application only if they can provide an official letter from their respective institutions confirming their graduation before the commencement of the first semester.

In all cases, applicants should ensure that official transcripts are sent to EGST by mail from their previous academic institutions. In the case of candidates coming from government-owned universities where they are required to settle cost sharing in order to claim Official Transcript, a written request must be submitted to the EGST Registrar’s Office indicating that the document will be submitted by the end of their studies at EGST. If they fail to do so, their EGST degrees shall be withheld until the official transcripts have been submitted.

EGST runs two rounds of admission for its MA programmes and only one round for the MTh. Application time and admissions interview period are normally set forth in the institution’s Academic Calendar. For detailed activities and deadlines, a separate Admission Calendar will be prepared in line with the Academic Calendar.
EGST has a onetime application policy. This means that applications made for one round will not be considered for another round unless otherwise they are deferred.

The deadline for the institution to receive applications for programmes commencing in August is from 1st week of October to 3rd week of November for the round 1 and from 1st week of February to 3rd week of March for the round 2 in the preceding academic year.

Current EGST students wishing to apply for other programmes of study can do so during the 2nd round admission. They should complete the application form and submit it along with church recommendation by the deadline published on the admission announcement for the second round admission.

It is strongly advised that all individual applications be received by the deadline in the proposed year of entry prior to the entrance exam date, to avoid the disappointment of overdue.

MTh admission period will normally be schedule between June and July targeting EGST graduation in July, as most of the potential candidates come from graduating MABTS students. Applicants for the MTh programme are required to submit their applications & testimonials along with their MTh proposals within the deadline.


June 2024
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