Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply and what are the requirements?

There are four easy steps to apply:

  • Download the application form and church recommendation form from our website or collect them from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Bring the forms with official copies of your degree(s) and academic transcript(s). Your transcripts should be mailed from your school directly to us.
  • Two recent photographs.
  • 300ETB application fee.

Once students are accepted, we also ask students to take the reading and writing sections (not speaking and listening) of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. We offer this for free.

All of our degrees are accredited by The Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), which was founded in 1976 and serves over 150 African institutions. Our degrees are also validated by the Vrije University of Amsterdam. Our graduates have gone on to earn jobs with the Ethiopian government, USAID, NGOs, churches, and many other organizations. We believe you will be competent and competitive.

As indicated above, EGST graduates are highly competitive in the job market. We have alumni working for organizations like WorldVision, Compassion International, USAID, here at EGST, the Prime Minister’s office, Addis Ababa University, numerous churches, and many other significant organizations. Alumni create their own businesses and community service organizations. We are confident that your EGST education will help you find or create a meaningful, life-giving vocation.

EGST charges 425ETB per credit hour for self-funded students. For students with scholarships, a credit hour is 600ETB. This means that EGST sponsors 175ETB per credit hour for self-funded students.

You can do your program part-time or full-time. Our degree takes time, because of our strong curriculum. For students who are working, we try to offer night classes, but you may need to adjust your schedule. You get out of a degree what you put into it.

Yes, EGST does offer scholarships, which are primarily based on need. We have a scholarship designated for female students. We also have a matching scholarship for MABTS students: if your church will pay for 40% of your education, we will pay for the rest. Sometimes M.Th. students will be given full tuition and a living stipend. There are also other scholarships that the registrar or Dean of Students can discuss with you.

We offer small classes ranging from 5 to 20 students, so you can actually get to know your professor, be active in class, and make the most of your education. EGST is a place where you will build life-long friendships and life-long mentorship. Many students in other institutions never get to know their professors, but here at EGST the community feels like family and professors have time for students.