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“ታጥበን እንጠበው! ገዝፈን እናክስመው!ራስዎን ከኮሮና ቫይረስ ለመከላከል ይህንን መልእክት በመተግበር ጥንቃቄ ያድርጉ! ለሌሎችም ያጋሩ!”

ነፃ የስልክ ጥሪ: 8335, 952

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'Be encouraged to fight COVID-19 by observing key interventions'

Mandefro Kebede, EGST Alumnus 2018

EGST has graduates who are fighting COVID-19 in the frontlines. EGST Alumnus Mandefro Kebede is a Public Health Emergency Management Researcher, Bacterial Disease Surveillance and Response Team at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute who is now among the heros fighting the pandemic. Mendefro recalled that his stay at EGST has provided him with relevant guidance, skills, and knowledge with diverse perspectives for the service of the church and community in general.

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