Training & Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building Programme

The purpose of the EGST Training and Capacity Building Programme (TCBP) is to equip existing and prospective ministers within different church traditions and institutional settings targeted to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes from different angles.
The programme envisions two components mainly customized short and medium training trainings and capacity building opportunities through consultancy arrangements. These services will be provided by considering past experiences and conducting a thorough need assessment about the training and capacity building needs at different stages.
The scope of the TCBP covers both Ethiopia based services and also engages in international partnership through various arrangements involving FBO/CSO, government and private sector participation. It uses standard training facilities and services of EGST or it can offer in the places where EGST partners have facilities and related services both in Addis Ababa and other places in the regions or abroad. EGST’s clients include churches at all levels, church related institutions, theological institutions, para-church organizations, Christian NGOs, INGOs and other groups like ministries.
EGST trainers are experts in multidisciplinary fields, with highly qualified experiences, skills and positive attitudes for providing high class training and capacity building services.
From our past experiences and ground reality we will offer various thematic TCBP services. Examples include church leadership, pastoral care, mission, apologetics, gender, reproductive health, HIV AIDS, MNCH , social protection , environment stewardship, peace and conflict resolution, project management and evaluation, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, research methods, micro-entrepreneurship, English language particularly academic writing and IELTS/TOFEL preparations.

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