Training on a New Master’s Program: MA in Peace and Sustainable Development

Training on a New Master’s Program: MA in Peace and Sustainable Development

A New Master’s Program Curriculum Training – MA in Peace and Sustainable Development

The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology held a full-day workshop, titled “Training on Curriculum Development and Integration in Peace and Sustainable Development” at Saro Maria hotel on the 3rd of August 2021. 

The training aimed at enhancing the knowledge of faculty and staff on curriculum for and social engagement in Peace and Sustainable Development.   

EGST Director Rev. Dr. Misgana Mathewos opened the training by a welcoming address and prayer. 

In the morning sessions, Dr. Yonas Adaye, Director of Institute of Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) at Addis Ababa University presented on “Key Concepts, Rationale, Practice, and curriculum for Peace Studies”, in which he pointed out core theories of and methodologies for Peace Studies along with practical examples.

Trainers of afternoon sessions were Dr. Ambaye Ogato, a post-doctoral research fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany, and Dr.  Seblewongel Asrate, a full-time faculty member and Leader of MA in Holistic Child Development at Evangelical Theological College (ETC), and General Manager of POPtC Consulting Agency. 

Dr. Ambaye’s presentation was on “Policy Dialogue and Community Engagement in Conflict Transformation” and he focused on theories of conflict transformation and the importance of dialogue. Dr. Seblewongel Asrate, on the other hand presented on “Integration of Theology with Peace Studies and Other Disciplines” in which she presented various models for integrating Biblical concepts into any subject that is taught at educational institutes. 

Towards the end of the training, the participants reflected on the presentations and questions and answers sessions and rated the training as an informative and   a vital step towards finalizing the curriculum for MA in Peace and Sustainable Development which is set to be launched in the year 2022.  

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