Academic Seminar on Human Flourishing and Religious Support in Ethiopia

Academic Seminar on Human Flourishing and Religious Support in Ethiopia

A research finding on the relationship between human flourishing and religious support in Ethiopian Evangelical churches was presented on October 16, 2020.

Delivered by Dr.Lidetu Alemu at the EGST Monthly Academic seminar, the project was reported for being completed by four faculty members of EGST, namely Dr. Lidetu Alemu, Dr. Seblewengel Daniel, Revd. Dr. Misgana Mathewos  and Dr Bekele Deboch

The purpose of the study was to find out the relationship between religious support and human flourishing sponsored by the Nagel Institute for the study of World Christianity, Calvin University.

The research indicated that religious/spiritual support contributes to psychosocial well-being for church members. Furthermore, the research revealed that human flourishing is significantly predicted by all the three subscales of religious support particularly God support, congregational support and church leadership support.

The research finding which is expected to be published by the International Bulletin of Mission Research is anticipated for increasing awareness on human flourishing. It was further projected that it facilitates leaders to diversify their ministry to address the multifaceted needs of their congregants. It was recommended that additional research might be needed into the different teachings offered in the churches to see whether topics related to psychosocial issues are covered.

The presentation of the finding came to an end with questions and answers session from the audience that encompasses faculty members, staff and students.

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