Call for MA Thesis Research 2021

Call for MA Thesis Research 2021

The Projects and Community Services at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology invites
interested EGST MA Researchers on the following thematic areas:
i) Maternal and Child Health Outreach services which aims to improve women and
children’s capability to access preventive health and antenatal care.

ii) An assessment of faith leaders training on Channels of Hope for Maternal and New
Born Child Health
at project sites in Addis Ababa and surrounding districts.


iii) Church and Community Leaders Training and Empowerment on Gender, Health and

a) to increase gender balance through men and women’s participation in every step and at all
levels related to Gender, Reproductive Health and Women Empowerment and Gender Based
Violence in relation to theology
b) to empower local church and community leaders to challenge gender inequalities and to
promote child and maternal health

iv) Assessment and situation analysis of conflict and security issues in relation to faith-based
organizations with particular emphasis on evangelical churches

v) Roles and contributions of Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) to Social Protection for
vulnerable community groups like children, women, disability groups

vi) Integration of Gender, Health and Theology in policy, research, training and grass root
community services


vii) Challenges and prospects surrounding domestic workers employment and their conditions in
family context: pull and push factors to migration

viii) The green legacy initiative and its progress: evangelical responses at institutional levels
ix) Other related and relevant topics
The research is required to focus on theoretical and conceptual frameworks, policy and practices and
outcome level issues in achieving set objectives in implementation.
Methodology: qualitative and/or quantitative with a reasonable balance in triangulation. Researchers
need to check topics already researched and focus on new topics by discussing with their advisors
Successful candidates can get field work and related financial support when their proposals are
accepted. Applications should be presented in 5-page A4 concept note.
Enquiries can be presented to EGST Development and Communications Office # 107, Email:, call 0113690769, Pushkin Square, Sar Betoch, P.O.Box 24934,
Code 1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Deadline is December 14, 2021.

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