Director Called for Greater Cooperation with Alumni

Director Called for Greater Cooperation with Alumni

General Assembly Elected New Council Members

The EGST Director called for a closer cooperation between EGST and its alumni. Speaking on the occasion of EGST Alumni Association General Assembly on February 25, 2017 Dr. Misgana Mathewos remarked that the alumni members are strategic partners of EGST in advancing EGST’s mission, accomplishing its strategic plan, engaging in continual learning and academic development, providing feedback and maintaining continuous fellowship. He further noted that EGST has recognized the place of alumni by institutionalizing the alumni office in its organizational structure under the Dean of Students’ Affairs. “I reconfirm you EGST’s readiness to do everything it can to work with the alumni Council” the Director assured.

Ato Asfaw, the outgoing EGST Alumni Council Chairperson presented his last report to the general assembly, which was discussed and approved with recommendations. In his report Ato Asfew highlighted some of the achievements including the establishment of an alumni office with an assignment of EGST representative, the allocation of 50,000 Birr annual budget, the facilitation of panel discussions, visibility and delivery of speeches during EGST events such as graduation days, the launching of a newsletter, activation of alumni Facebook, and the preparation of three year strategic plan. He also mentioned some of the challenges the Council has encountered, particularly the low participation of alumni members, constraints during office organization process, and the declining commitment of some Council members at the end of their tenure. In a positive note, the outgoing Chairperson said that “EGST has grown and is becoming a school of significant impact. But still a lot needs to be done. And we believe that all EGST graduates must continue to effectively contribute our part to the further development and growth of EGST”

The general assembly elected a seven member new Council consisting of NathnaelAsefa (Chairperson-reelected, former Secretary), Ayana Taye (Vice Chairperson), Hasset Chenu (Secretary),  Ayalnesh Erku (Treasurer) and  three members, Alemu Zegeye,  Youdit Tariku, and Tehitena Mesfin

The objectives of EGST Alumni Association is to encourage the application of theological knowledge, foster fellowship, build closer relations with the school, conduct seminars, promote research and publications as well as advance the interests of EGST by encouraging cooperation.



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