Director Meets District Fellowship Church Leaders

Director Meets District Fellowship Church Leaders

EGST Director, Dr. Misgana Mathewos, discussed on contemporary church issues with Butajira Evangelical Churches Fellowship Leaders on December 16, 2017 in Butajira. The progress of the partnership with EGST was reviewed as enlightening where the church leaders training on Channels of Hope for Gender is commended for its quality, methodology and positive influence.

The leaders described current major challenges that pose difficulties to their day to day ministry and as a coalition of churches. Shortage of trained ministers, the wide spreading of false teachings and deceitful prophetic movements, lack of unity within churches and among denominations, secularism and post-modernism, the influence of social media, poor  discipleship and lack of sound teaching with deficient professionalism are highlighted as major problems churches are facing in the area.

The leaders called for higher educational institutions to maintain the quality of services to church and society by strengthening outreach and engagement outside Addis Ababa, reinforcing partnership and cooperation in capacity building and creating theological education opportunities in different modalities, among other things, to narrow down the capacity gaps observed at district level.

In response to the challenges and expectations of the leaders, EGST Director indicated the role of EGST in working on contemporary church and society challenges with evidence based engagements in theological trainings, research development and outreach services. “Outreach capacity building trainings, distance learning opportunities and regional campus modalities are under consideration at EGST” the Director anticipated. He further encouraged the leaders to stand firm in truth and to advance the mission work with diligence. “Your challenges and expectations are noted and will be addressed accordingly,” Dr. Misgana concluded.

Pastor Daniel Tadesse, Butajura ECF Board Chairperson, remarked that the partnership with EGST is advancing and more is expected in equipping leaders and ministers outside Addis Ababa as many do not have the opportunities of accessing theological education due to workload and limited resources.

It was recalled that Butajira Evangelical Churches Fellowship is one of the partnerships EGST has launched in church and community leaders training on Channels of Hope for Gender and related issues. Seven Butajira ECFE Board members and two EGST senior staff attended the meeting with the Director.

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