EGST Alumni in the COVID-19 Front

EGST Alumni in the COVID-19 Front

‘Be encouraged to fight COVID-19 by observing key interventions’

EGST has graduates who are fighting COVID-19 in the frontlines. EGST Alumnus Mandefro Kebede is a Public Health Emergency Management Researcher, Bacterial Disease Surveillance and Response Team at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute who is now among the heros fighting the pandemic. Mendefro recalled that his stay at EGST has provided him with relevant guidance, skills, and knowledge with diverse perspectives for the service of the church and community in general.

Mandefro, a graduate of 2018 narrates his own experience as a health worker and inspires us to be vigilant in the good fight against Corona Virus. Excerpts:

“I am pleased to share my fight against COVID-19 disease as frontline health worker.”

COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic affecting almost all countries of the world. The disease is highly infectious, and is mainly transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes. In response to the declaration of COVID-19 as public health emergency of international concern by World Health Organization (WHO), Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health (MOH), and Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) have activated emergency operating centers for facilitation and coordination of the COVID 19 preparedness and response.

I am assigned in the rapid response team composed of field Epidemiologist, Physician, and Environmentalist to investigate stories coming from health facilities, screening sites, hotels, quarantine centers and toll free (8335) calls based on proposed case definition for COVID 2019. When patients fulfil the case definition, he/she will be transported to isolation centers and sample will be taken for laboratory confirmation. The statistics for confirmed cases, recovered cases and deaths in Ethiopia is updated daily and get restructured every 24 hours. This is being announced to the public as part of sensitization, prevention and control measures.

The Bible provides us with a clear guidance on how to respond to infectious disease. In Leviticus 13, for example, there are instructions to be followed by God’s people during infections and contagious disease outbreaks. Isolation of patients, personal hygiene and being under follow up by the priest are among such instructions. Since faith/believing is not tempting God we have to follow correct and reliable scientific, health and religious information! (Luke 4: 12).

My message for fellow brothers and sisters is this:

Be encouraged to fight the virus and its consequences by observing key interventions of COVID-19:

  • always keep your physical distance,
  • frequently wash your hands,
  • avoid crowds and stay at home,
  • wear face mask when you go out,
  • if you have any of symptoms fever, cough, shortness of breath and sore throat, isolate yourself and call 8335 or visit nearby health facility.
Stay Safe, Help Stop COVID 19!

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