EGST Alumni Research Efforts Honored

EGST Alumni Research Efforts Honored

EGST 2015 MADevs-CD graduate and alumni member, Fekadu Reda, who presented his research findings at the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency (ChSA) on November 17, 2016, honored the research efforts of EGST.  This workshop on sharing research findings and getting an input from ChSA as the chief source of the information was organized by the student researcher and the Agency Director. The agency has invited all the 14 directorates, team leaders and office managers and SIM-Ethiopia Directors, managers and EGST representatives to attend the workshop. The master’s research thesis entitled “The Contributions of CSOs to Ethiopia’s Sustainable Development Endeavors: A Comparative Study of Lessons from Tanzania and India” reviewed the 2013 status of the registered Charities and Societies in Ethiopia which reported their performances to the agency. The major findings of the research indicated the number of CSOs targeted, their audited expenditures, the employment opportunities they created, the diversity of program interventions and the profiles of faith based organizations. The research also indicated the growth trends of CSOs in Ethiopia in comparison with other countries trends, mainly with Tanzania and India.

In a discussion session of the workshop, participants commented on the research process and findings focusing on the nomenclature, gaps, scope, advocacy, regional distributions, 30/70 administration/program cost implementation modality and related issues for which the researcher gave explanations.

The Agency Director, Ato Meseret G/Mariam, who moderated the workshop, appreciated the research efforts made by the researcher and the dissemination of the findings as a public good. Responding to the questions and comments raised by the participants, he underlined that the contributions of Charities and Societies in Ethiopia should be measured by the results and impact they bring to the people of Ethiopia besides the financial utilization and employment opportunities generated. He further critically commented that, despite the misunderstandings by some entities, the agency will continue regulating as well as supporting the objectives and agreements of registered Charities and Societies in Ethiopia.

Society for International Ministries, SIM-Ethiopia Director, Dr. Trent Cox, who sponsored the workshop together with the ChSA, appreciated the agency for honoring the research results and emphasized that the importance of any development work will be valued by the benefits it brings to the public. In recognition of the partnership, he presented a trophy for the Agency, inscribed as “ChSA, for Participation in Research & Development, from SIM & EGST”.

One of the Research advisors of Ato Fekadu Reda, Dr. Aklilu Dalelo confirmed that the research is a unique contribution in the CSO field due to its depth and coverage of data, its current relevance and the passion of the researcher. Dr. Aklilu also recommended for further dissemination of the findings through different channels including publications in journals. Stakeholders from the ChSA, SIM, and the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) participated in the workshop. The research paper can be accessed from ChSA, EGST Library, CCRDA resource centre .and the researcher.

SIM used this opportunity to highlight its past and current profile development programs in Ethiopia through a display of photos and snap shots using power point.


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