EGST Alumni Research Work Reprinted

EGST Alumni Research Work Reprinted

EGST alumni’s master thesis on ‘Creation and Human Responsibility’ by Solomon Telahun which was published as a book in Amharic was reprinted by the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and launched on October 29, 2019. The purpose of the reprint as expressed by NCA is to provide a free distribution of the book to contribute to the efforts Faith Actors are making in their environmental protection initiatives.

In a Seminar on the establishment of Inter-Religious Climate Action Platform jointly organized by NCA and Faith Actors, the experiences of different faith organizations were presented. In a session on theological/religious reflections on forest protection, the practices of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Ethiopian Catholic Church and Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia were presented.


The reprinted book on ‘Creation and Human Responsibility’ in Amharic language was reviewed by Prof.Aklilu Dalelo, Progamme Leader of Development Studies programme at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST). Prof. Aklilu outlined the profile of the author, the dedication of the book the author intentionally committed to his mother and the celebrated singer Dereje Kebede. The audience of the book as indicated by the reviewer was specified for focusing on leaders, students, development practitioners and the Ethiopian people at large. Prof. Aklilu further showed the objectives of the book as voiced by the author to create public awareness, bring the urgency of the issue to the public attention and motivate the readers to act on environmental protection.

Prepared in three sections and eleven chapters, the book is praised for demonstrating the courage of the author and his passion for creation care, the depth and richness of the evidence, and for challenging evangelicals for their inaction on environmental protection.

In his review note, Prof. Aklilu remarked the need to update the future reprint of the book by updating government and public efforts and progresses, appreciating ongoing initiatives by theological institutions and related visions.

In his acknowledgment section of the book, the author, Solomon Telahun has recognised the contributions of the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology and the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia for providing scholarship during his study and research efforts.  Solomon Telhaun Ketsela, an alumnus of EGST has graduated from EGST in 2002 in Master of Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology.

EGST appreciates the efforts of the scholar and the recognition of NCA towards such environmental stewardship contributions.

It is recalled that EGST has currently published another manual on environmental stewardship entitled ‘A Handbook for Teacher Education and Theological Colleges in Ethiopia’.

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