EGST Awarded Degrees, Academic Prizes

EGST Awarded Degrees, Academic Prizes

On November 7, 2020 the Ethiopian Gradaute School of Theology (EGST) has awarded post graduate degrees to the 20th batch of candidates in its campus.      

The 54 Graduates (44 males, 10 female) are composed of five different programmes, specifically 15 in Biblical and Theological Studies, 13 in Leadership and Management, 10 in Development Studies, 15 in Post Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies and one in Master of Theology.

EGST Board Chairperson Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idosa made an opening address in which he said, “to our cherished institution, your graduation is a mark of success towards achieving this objective; which is equipping committed leaders and theologians for the work of the kingdom of God in our nation and beyond.”

In his welcoming address, EGST Director Rev. Dr. Misgana Mathewos said, “we are thankful to God for providing EGST with all necessary resource to train and qualify more theological leaders and professionals with quality education, research skills, and character formation and send them to a different field of ministry so that they will work for the edification of the Ethiopian church and society.”

The Director highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which suspended the plans and activities of the institution in many ways including the cancelation of annual Frumentius lectures, fundraising events, and other vital activities. The Director further affirmed that the vision of EGST has continued and it shall continue by the effort of the academic and administrative staff and other stakeholders.

He further admonished the graduates that they have been nurtured and equipped over the years to meet the challenges of the time which demands enhanced vigilance as leaders and theologians toward the task of providing theological reflections that can guide the thinking and the actions of the churches.

Dr. Ermiyas Mamo, former EGST faculty member, member of the EGST Council of Owners and EKHC Deputy General Secretary has delivered a sermon from John 1:14. He focused  on the need for incarnational theology and encouraged graduates to work along with their respective church leaders so as to be relevant, incarnated ministers and not be benched with all the knowledge they have acquired in their stay at EGST. He empathically said, “we have Christology course in our Theological institutions, but lack Christ-like lives, we teach missiology but we lack missionaries who would take the gospel in an incarnated manner as to serve the church and society.”

Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idosa, EGST Board Chairperson awarded degrees to the graduates as presented by Dr. Seblewengel Daniel, Dean of Studies at EGST alongside with EGST Director, Rev. Dr. Misgana Mathewos.

Pastor Tsadiku Abdo, President of EECF and Member of EGST Council of Owners has offered academic prizes presented by Dr Lidetu Alemu, EGST Head of Students’ Affairs.

Dr Eyasu Elias, EGST Chairperson of the Council of Owners and EKHC President has offered academic prizes and highest institutional academic prizes as presented by Dr Lidetu Alemu, EGST Head of Students’ Affairs has presented.

This year’s Special Achievement award was bestowed to Sisay Mamo who has completed his degree in Management and Leadership regardless of his vision impairment.

Sisay Mammo Receiving A Special Achievement Award from REV. DR. Misgana Mathewos, EGST Director.

Reflecting back into his eight years academic journey at EGST, Sisay has contextualized Martin Luther King’s speech and advocated for disability inclusive higher theological education. He said, “I have a dream! I have a dream that one day EGST and other theological institutions become instrumental in challenging traditional Church beliefs and practices. “He emphasized the need for EGST to be reachable to those who cannot regularly come to EGST and attend classes due to physical and logistic barriers!  “I have a dream that one day, braille, sign language, large print and easy to understand texts become EGST’s alternative means of communication! I have a dream to see EGST becomes leading theological institution in promoting the Christ model of understanding disability and inclusion!”, he persuaded.

Dr. Eyasu Elias, EKHC President and Chairperson of EGST Council of Owners gave charge to the graduates.

The Graduation ceremony was concluded by a closing prayer and benediction from Rev. Dr Yonas Yigezu and followed by refreshments.

EGST faculty, staff, friends and family members of the graduates attended the event through live stream TV transition.

Graduates of MABTS 2020

MALM Graduates 2020

MADevS Graduates Of 2020

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