EGST Celebrates Christmas with the Needy

EGST Celebrates Christmas with the Needy

EGST staff, students and alumni celebrated Ethiopian Christmas eve on January 2, 2018 at the Addis Ababa Juvenile Delinquency Rehabilitation Centre in Lideta Sub City, Addis Ababa.

EGST community presented Christmas songs, narrated Christmas stories, played games, and provided small gifts and refreshments for the children. Two foot balls and 150 T-shirts were also donated by EGST alumni, Ayneabeba Maru, from “I Care for the Nation”, an NGO, as part of the celebration.

EGST Faculty and Management and Leadership Programme Leader, Dr. Lidetu Alemu, encouraged the kids to think of a better future beyond their current situation and to consider that this would not be their destiny through the story of Joseph from the Bible.


EGST Development and Communications Head, Ato Addise Amado, expressed thanks to the EGST team on their participation and advised to continue volunteering in such engagements. However, he noted that, this is not sufficient as the children in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center need more spiritual, psychosocial and physical support to become better citizens.

Sixteen representatives from EGST, the center and more than 130 children in the center attended the celebration.

In a related event, EGST donated soap, hygiene materials and cloths contributed from staff, students and friends of EGST to Noah Merkeb AIDS Prevention Association located in Kirkos Sub City. The donation was delivered to the Association on January 4, 2018.The Association is a local charity established by volunteers to care and support people living with HIV/AIDS.


It was understood that EGST’s Community Outreach and Engagement is part of its mission to serve church and society at large.  Gifts and donations are welcome from EGST supporters.

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