EGST Commemoration Day Observed

EGST Commemoration Day Observed

The commemoration day of the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology /EGST was held on May 6, 2022, at EGST Assembly Hall. The day was observed as Silver Jubilee Anniversary Commemoration Day to mark the establishment of the school on May 6, 1997 when owners endorsed its initial constitution and the budget.

Owners of EGST and stakeholders gathered to reflect on the journey of 25 years and to celebrate its achievement. Some of the founding members of the school shared testimonies and a brief profile of EGST was also presented. In his welcome address to the audience, EGST Director, Rev. Dr Misgana Mathewos remarked that ‘Today as we celebrate the past, this past evokes us to renew our covenant and commitment to see the stronger, vibrant and relevant EGST in the context when evangelical Christianity is increasing fast mainly in quantity, when  the socio-political and economic situations of the nations are changing swiftly for better or worse, when individualistic and group attitudes are taking the centre-stage rather than human and communal interests, when morality is descending in high frequency, when tales rather than research-based facts govern the public sphere, so on and on.’

EGST Board Chairperson, Rev.Dr Wakeseyoum Iddosa extended his gratitude to the owners of EGST for following God’s guidance, and taking practical steps in establishing and enabling EGST to serve church and society in Ethiopia and beyond for the last 25 years.

Owner’s representatives of EGST, Rev Yonas Yigezu of EECMY, Dr Tasew Gebre from EKHC, and Pastor Tsdiku Abdo of ECFE sent their good wishes and reaffirmed their commitment for the growth and betterment of the school.

Partners representatives Mr Tomas Andersson from the Helsingborg Parish of Act Church of Sweden and SIM Ethiopia representative furthermore passed their congratulatory remarks.

It was recalled that EGST was jointly founded by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) and the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE) 25 years ago as an interdenominational and international institution to serve Church and society in Ethiopia and beyond.

Its humble beginning was blessed to broaden its horizon of ministry and deepen its influence. Since its establishment in 1997, EGST has been able to touch the hearts, minds, and lives of alumni, current students, faith leaders and communities.

The EGST Administration has branded the year 2022 as EGST’s Year of Silver Jubilee. While there are several ways of celebrating the milestones, May 06, 2022, was designated to be Commemoration Day of its establishment in 1997. The celebration was concluded with a table fellowship and cutting of cutting to symbolize partnership, unity and ecumenical relations.

A photograph exhibition was displayed to portray the major historical timelines of the school.


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