EGST Griefs the Death of Prof. Mbiti

EGST Griefs the Death of Prof. Mbiti

The 2017 EGST Annual Frumentius Lecture Series speaker, Prof John Samuel Mbiti died on Sunday September 6, 2019 while undergoing treatment in Bergdorf, Switzerland where he lived for decades.Speaking on the topic of ‘Theological Seedlings of Christology in African Christianity’, Prof. Mbiti was a good friend and reference in the history of the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST).

The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology expresses its sorrow on passing away of this late scholar and extends condolences to his family, friends, and academic and ecclesiastic community in Africa and across the globe.

The renown African scholar, Prof. Mbiti was a theologian and philosophy professor at the University of Bern and an Anglican Church clergy in Burgodorf at the time of his death in 88 years.

For information on his profile follow this link:

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