EGST Female Faculty Candidates Left for PhD Studies

EGST Female Faculty Candidates Left for PhD Studies

Two of the EGST female faculty development plan candidates, Meron Takleberhan and Sofanit Tamene left to the UK for their PhD studies.

In a farewell luncheon at EGST on Tuesday November 1, 2016 Dr. Theodros Assefa, Head of Academic Affairs and delegate of EGST Director announced the official study leave of the candidates. He further noted that this special moment marks the implementation of the long awaited EGST Female Faculty Development Plan into practice.

Meron Takleberhan left to Durham University with her family on Friday November 4, 2016 while Sofanit and her family moved  to University of Edinburgh on November 6, 2016.

After a dedication prayer by Dr. Andrew DeCort, Meron reflected that EGST not only prepared them for their academic achievements but also equipped them for their career development and advancement in social maturity.

The EGST Chaplain, Dr. Ermias Mamo, admonished the candidates to balance their spiritual life with academics, to keep EGST in their thoughts and to depend on God during the circumstances they might encounter.

The second phase of EGST faculty development plan includes four female candidates among whom Meron and Sofanit are the first team to begin their studies in November 2016 while Fanos Workalemhu and Kidist Bahiru are in their preparatory stages for their PhD studies.

In the first phase of EGST faculty development plan, seven male candidates were sent abroad for PhDs of whom four have already returned. Two are completing their studies and are expected to return in the near future. The return of the first phase candidates as well as the sending of the two female candidates in the second phase mark a great success for EGST in its Faculty Development Plan, Dr. Theodros remarked.

Kidist Bahiru, Fanos Workalemahu, Meron Tekleberhan and Sofanit Tamene

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