EGST Hosted the Celebrating Family TOT Training In Afaan Oromo For The First Time

EGST Hosted the Celebrating Family TOT Training In Afaan Oromo For The First Time

EGST hosted a Training of Training (ToT) level workshop in Afaan Oromo for the first time. EGST has been partnering with churches and evangelical fellowships in five different places (Adama, Woliso, Holeta, Butajira and Debre Berehan) to implement the faith leader’s capacity building project. One of the challenges raised by some of the partnering fellowships in (Adama, Woliso and Holeta) is getting a contextualized and translated training tool in their local language. Most of their community members are Afaan Oromo speakers and it was challenging to deliver it in other languages.

Wosen Birhanu (Delegate of EGST Development and Communication Head) opened the training by welcoming the participants. She stressed that translating the Celebrating Family (CF) module into Oromiffa language is a great achievement and delivering the training in Oromiffa is another success, as it is the first in EGST’s history.

The training was conducted from Feb. 21 – 23, 2023 at EGST. Training participants came from Adama, Holeta and Woliso church fellowships.

A validation workshop was held on Feb. 16, 2023 prior to the training. The purpose of the workshop was to validate the translated Oromiffa module and get feedback and comments on the process of the translation. A representative from World Vision Ethiopia, the consultants who took on the translation work and the EGST Project officers were engaged in the validation workshop.

By the end of the training, Mr. Addise Amado gave final speech of appreciation and gratitude for those who made this happen. He closed the training by giving a participation certificate for the participants who completed the three-day training.

Feb. 24, 2023

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