EGST Hosts Paper Recycling Partnership

EGST Hosts Paper Recycling Partnership

The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, EGST and Penda Manufacturing PLC, a pulp manufacturing local firm introduced waste paper separation and collection partnership. An orientation is provided to EGST staff on October 10, 2017, after the partnership was signed on September 3, 2017.


Samrawit Gizaw and co-workers presenting the paper recycling concept to EGST staff [partial view]

In the partnership, EGST will separate used dry papers from offices, students, and related sources and provides to Penda while Penda on its part provides transfer bags, collects the papers and converts into pulp as a raw material for paper mills.

Ms. Samrawit Gizaw, Penda Manager, in her presentation to EGST staff on October 10, 2017, said that a waste paper can be converted more than seven times in its life cycle and saves economic benefits, facilitates environmental protection, and promotes social responsibility of citizens. Samrawit further demonstrated that the types of papers to be collected is only dry, uncontaminated, and used papers that people throw away as a waste. According to the manager, used soft papers will not be included in the recycling category.

EGST Development and Communication Head, Mr. Addise Amado appreciated the efforts and contributions of Penda in paper waste recycling and expressed the environmental protection commitment of EGST in waste separation, collection and delivery to recyclers and the municipality waste stream in an orderly manner.

EGST community is encouraged to participate in this important undertaking and contribute to the ecological, social and economic improvements of the working and living environment.

It was recalled that EGST is already progressing in separating solid waste into eco-friendly categories. EGST further collaborates with five Colleges of Teacher Education and four Theological Seminaries in Southern Nationalities, Nations’ and Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPRS) on Environmental and Sustainability Education.


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