EGST Marked The 2020 Tree Planting Event

EGST Marked The 2020 Tree Planting Event

The 2020 EGST tree planting event was marked on June 25, 2020, by planting trees and flowers. ‘Join the Green Legacy: A Bright Future Awaits You!’ was highlighted as the theme of this year’s event.

During the official launch of the tree planting occasion, Rev. Dr. Misgana Mathewos, EGST Director remarked that environmental protection and green development is one of the key functions of the school in teaching, research, and community engagement.

He further expressed his gratitude to EGST community, District 4 administration, and volunteers for actively participating in greening the environment in the past and this year.

Ato Tilahun Arega, District 4 Chief Administrator on his part acknowledge the contributions of EGST in greening the environment and partnering with the government to achieve the goal of green city initiative. More than 205 shade trees and flowers were planted at street walkways and open areas across Egypt Avenue, around Sar Betoch.

As part of its green response for the call made by the government to plant 5 billion trees in 2020 EGST and its stakeholders pledged to continue planting and caring for the plants on places allocated for the institution from Vatical Embassy to Pushkin Square in the main road, sidewalks, and open areas.

It was recalled that EGST planted 500 tree nurseries and promoted the mobilization of national tree planting day on July 29, 2019, through the ‘Go Green, Go Clean and Go in Peace’ motto.

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