EGST Night Piloted

EGST Night Piloted

An EGST Night was piloted on March 17, 2017 to promote EGST programs and admissions for potential applicants. Alumni, current students, potential applicants, and invited guests participated in the event.

Dean of Studies, Dr. Theodros Assefa and Dr. Andrew DeCort addressed the audience and explained frequently asked questions about EGST and the application/admissions procedures.

Four EGST alumni (Tekalign Nega, Endegegna Ashenafi, Hermela Solomon, and Alem Kidane) shared their testimonies about their studies at EGST and related their career development to their research and degrees earned from EGST.

Tekalign Nega, graduate from three EGST programs, is currently engaged in Islamic Studies for his PhD and also teaching at EGST. He compared EGST with Addis Ababa University and Dutch Universities to confirm that EGST is an educational institution of quality and excellence.

Endegena Ashenafi, a 2009 graduate from EGST in HIV/AIDS and Theology remarked: “EGST is much more than an educational enterprise and has contributed to my career development at USAID by opening my eyes to see the needs of church and society in Ethiopia. It has also changed my way of studying and understanding the Bible. It has helped me to become a better Christian and professional.”

Alem Kidane, MABTS prospective graduate, initially approached Theology with some suspicion but witnessed: “I have taken courses including The Command of Neighbor-Love. Because of the challenge of these courses at EGST, I have decided to continue living with the poorest in Koshe. They had food from the trash, lived on the trash and died and buried on the trash,” Alem remarked with deep emotions due to the crisis at Koshe. Alem is now ministering there and helping organize supplies for survivors.

Hermela Solomon, Gender, Health and Theology graduate in 2015, also shared her experiences. “My connection is more personal than academic. EGST is a place to call home, and my heart is connected to EGST for freedom of thinking. I thought studying in Ethiopia was not superior, but EGST is a place of quality. I feel something greater as everything was challenging and a blessing: the building, the chairs, the books, and the people are lovely. Seventeen ladies in a class, from every profession, technicalities and practicalities changed the way we see things including gender issues,” Hermela emphasized


Panelists responded to the questions raised on funding and scholarships, spiritual development, accreditation, leadership, grassroots engagements and related issues.

The event is part of an overall EGST Open Day designed to build up relationship with the larger community and interested target groups planning to pursue further education at EGST. The 2017/18 admissions application deadline is Friday, March 24, 2017, it was learnt.

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