‘EGST Offers Quality Education That Maximizes Potential’

‘EGST Offers Quality Education That Maximizes Potential’

Binyam Yeshitla , EGST alumni, class of 2018 in Management and Leadership programme has recently published a peer reviewed article in the European Journal of Business and Management www.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) DOI: 10.7176/EJBM Vol.11, No.25, 2019.

Co-authored with his adviser, Abeba Beyene (PhD) from Addis Ababa University, College of Commerce, the article on “The Mediating Effect of Employee Engagement Between Transformational Leadership and Job Performance in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia”, is an outcome of his master thesis. Dr Lidetu Alemu, programme leader of Management and Leadership Programmme at EGST remarked that ‘this is the second time that Dr. Abeba led her advisees into publishing their theses into an article.’ He recalled that she mentored Bruktawit Bahiru (class of 2015) to publish her thesis as an article in another journal. By acknowledging the efforts, we congratulate both Dr Abeba and Biniam and feature the author as ‘Alumni of the Month’.

Biniam recalls his thoughts about the journey:

‘Before joining EGST, I walked in various career paths and had ministry experiences which tuned my behavior and thinking. I used to notice that there were some loopholes in my leadership practices and theological understandings. The reason for joining EGST, thus, was to enhance my leadership ability and to devote myself to the word of God.

During my stay at EGST, I better gained knowledge, skills and developed an attitude. Classes were fascinating and absorbing that led to logical thinking, arguing and philosophizing. It was during this time that my intuitive nature was balanced with proper reasoning. Instructors were sharing not only their knowledge but also their authentic life experiences. I also learned from my classmates who are rich in the knowledge of Christ and have ample experience of serving the church and society.

EGST offers quality education that maximizes potential and exceedingly meets students’ expectation. Out of all of the schools I’ve attended, EGST is by far the best. My time at EGST was invaluable, and I am very grateful for that. This is, therefore, why I believe people should study at EGST.

Binyam Yeshitla

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