EGST Pledged ‘Addis Commitment’ World Vision’s Pan-African Campaign Launched

EGST Pledged ‘Addis Commitment’ World Vision’s Pan-African Campaign Launched

World Vision Ethiopia (WVE), a partner of EGST in Maternal and New Born Child Health (MNCH), launched a Pan African campaign to end violence against children on February 6, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa. EGST Director pledged ‘Addis Commitment’ in relation to the campaign.

The campaign dubbed: “It Takes a World to end violence against children”   was attended by government ministers, African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs, World Vision International and regional higher officials, Country Directors, faith leaders, journalists, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, academia, child speakers and advocates from different countries. Speakers from African Union, Africa Child Policy Forum, faith leaders, ministers of Women and Children representing Mozambique, Ethiopia, Zambia and Senegal featured their commitments to end all forms of violence against children in Africa.

During the official launch of the campaign, World Vision International President and CEO, Mr Kevin Jenkins, remarked that since children are windows of hope for the society, partnership is key to end violence against them.

Exhibiting the role of faith leaders and faith communities, Sheik Ibrahim Lethome, from the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims stated that children are gifts of God where a world without them is unimaginable. However, children are abused by radical Islamists, become early marriage victims and related harmful practices in some parts of Africa, he cautioned.

EGST Director, Dr Misgana Mathewos, signed pledge to demonstrate commitment and partnership towards ending violence against children. EGST is currently collaborating in maternal and child health issues, rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents and building the capacity of faith leaders on gender, health and theology which includes ensuring the wellbeing of children. Through its social protection initiatives and research endeavors, EGST is further contributing towards addressing the problems of orphans and vulnerable children.

Some forms of violence against children including, Female Genital Mutilation, domestic child violence, child marriage, sexual abuse, armed conflicts, were highlighted during the campaign.

Responding to children’s questions, Demitu Hambissa, FDRE Minister of Women’s and Children’s Affairs, explained that her government is taking legal actions, conducting awareness campaigns on social norms, providing support services during violence and crisis, facilitating patient and care givers livelihood, enhancing economic empowerment through cash transfers as well as improving education and life skills training for children and families. [EGST PR February 8, 2017]

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