The Future of EGST

The Future of EGST

A two-day workshop on ‘EGST’s Future Challenges and Prospects’ was conducted at Bonita/Bishoftu from May 10-11, 2019. Three papers were presented and discussed in length as inputs for EGST’s strategy development which follows the completion of 2016-2020 strategic period.

Opening the workshop, Rev.Dr Misgana Mathewos, EGST’s Director, indicated that the need for the workshop and the objectives of the consultation is to generate input in preparation for the next phase of EGST’s strategy planning, to make groundworks for the 25th year Silver Anniversary and to promote the experience of learning at EGST.

In his presentation on the key issues of’“EGST Academic Development, 2016-2019’ Dr.  Theodros Assefa, Head of Academic Affairs discussed matters related to programmes, research, accreditation, library, and faculty development. Former EGST Director and PhD Programme Coordinator, Dr Desta Heliso discussed on ‘EGST’s Past and Present Challenges: Survival and Academic Quality’. Looking into the background of EGST, its present status and upcoming directions he envisioned a bright future for EGST.

Overarching discussion points focused on clarifying EGST’s mission, reviewing quality and diversity of programmes, describing governing structure and ways of improving economic and financial sustainability.  The outcomes of the discussions are expected to be further deliberated at EGST Administrative Council, Faculty Council and Board as a follow up mechanism.


A total of 18 participants comprising of EGST Board, faculty, staff and student representatives attended the workshop.




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