New Book Launched

New Book Launched

A new book on Theology Development Nexus was officially launched on December 11, 2019. Rev. Yonas Yigazu, President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) and member of the EGST Council of Owners led the inauguration ceremony and dedicated the publication for the glory of God and the benefit of church and society. Published by the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) the book discusses and presents the Biblical Foundations, Perceptions of Religious Leaders and Development Practices of Churches in Ethiopia.

The research outcomes reveal, among other things, the biblical/theological basis of faith and development, perspectives of church ministers and development workers about the link between faith and development and the strengths and shortcomings of church-based development work in Ethiopia.

The dissemination of the results of the study is expected to help churches and Faith-Based Organizations to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services and development work in Ethiopia. ‘It is our firm belief that the research outcomes enable churches and FBOs to properly play their role as ‘light’ and ‘salt’ in social services and development work’ EGST call for stakeholders emphasized.

In conjunction with the book launch, an outcome of an assessment on Re-defining Development and Environmental Stewardship was shared to EGST stakeholders. These include results of reviewing environmental stewardship policies and practices in selected denominations and identifying possible gaps, conducting a desk review to prepare research inputs for an Environmental Stewardship Handbook preparation, and reviewing the curricula of selected theological institutions so as to see the extent to and ways in which environmental issues have been addressed. Discussions and recommendations were made after the presentations.

Commenting on the book, Yosef Alemu, Faith and Development Technical Specialist from World Vision Ethiopia remarked the following:

“Theology development Nexus” clearly addresses the development predicament the church encounters today. So, it invites us to refocus and shape our ministry to be relevant and make significant impact in the society. I believe if this book is given the due attention and read by the church leaders and Christian development workers, it will ultimately reward us “a well done you who are faithful” remark of the Master. I find this book truly a reminder and a calling voice in the wilderness to the church and Christian ministries to stick to their God given mission as representatives of God in the community they care called to serve. This book is not only helping the church to be holistic in her ministry approach but enables her to influence government policy makers and also change policies that creates dichotomy between the spiritual and physical.

Thus, I humbly recommend EGST to continue in this great work of equipping the church leaders and find some ways to reaching leaders and Christian development workers to ensure maximum impact of this book : faith in development work.’

Church leaders, representatives of the Theological Seminaries and invited guests attended the inauguration.

With an assigned ISBN Number 978-99944-77-01, the book is available from EGST

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[Source: EGST PRC, December 16, 2019, Addis Ababa]

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