New Book Released

New Book Released

A new book authored by EGST Faculty, Dr Seblewengel Daniel is released. The publication dubbed as Perception and Identity is the author’s doctoral thesis depicting the relations between the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia.

Langham Publishing remarked that “Ethiopia is an icon of freedom and indigenous Christianity across Africa due to its historic independence, ancient Christian identity and rich religious heritage. However, Ethiopia and its various Christian denominations have their own understandings of this identity and how these communities relate to one another.’

‘In this detailed study, Dr Seblewengel Daniel explores the perception and identity of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and evangelical church in Ethiopia and examines the relations between the two”, Langham Publishing indicated.

In her endorsement to the book, Gillian Mary Bediako, Deputy Rector of Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, Ghana remarked, ‘this book by Seblewengel Daniel is a well-researched, thoughtful and sympathetic study offering a new approach to an age-old problem in Ethiopia – engaging the uneasy relationship between the diverse Christian traditions that have taken root in Ethiopia over many centuries through the twin lenses of perception and identity.’

She added, ‘weaving together in a historical survey the perceptions of each other’s traditions and what constitutes the heart of their identity, she analyzes the root causes of the divergence, and identifies commonalities and pointers to convergence, with a view to fostering a greater mutual understanding within the diverse body of Christ in Ethiopia. This is a timely aim, given the many existential challenges facing the church and country today.’

Tibebe Eshete, Visiting Professor of History at the Michigan State University, in his part commented that the publication ‘eloquently synthesizes the notion of perception and identity among members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Evangelical churches in Ethiopia. It offers a thoroughly researched analysis of the nature of relationship between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Evangelical church on multiple fronts: theological, missional, cultural, etc., tapping on secondary and primary sources. It is a distinct contribution to a subject of seminal importance that has been overlooked by scholars.’

He further recommended that ‘the book is highly relevant in the context of contemporary Ethiopia where the need for mutual dialogue and unity is vitally felt. This rich and brilliantly presented book deserves a place in serious scholarly instructions and libraries promoting the field of Christianity and mission studies.’

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The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) congratulates Dr Seblewengel on the publication of her book.

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