Book Donation – From Canadian Foodgrains Bank & Sam Vander Ende

Book Donation – From Canadian Foodgrains Bank & Sam Vander Ende

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), a humanitarian organization and Mr Sam Vander Ende donated books to the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) on July 4,2019.


The donation of the books was both from the CFGB shelves and personal collection of Mr Sam Vander Ende, Field Representative of CFGB Regional Office in Ethiopia.

Mr Sam Vander Ende

Mr Sam Vander Ende, who facilitated the delivery of 88 books, 20 journals and 25 research monographs focusing on Development Studies discipline expressed his emotions when the books left his shelves. ‘It was an emotional moment when the books actually left my office. Books are so much a part of my personal growth, development and understanding of God’s world’, Mr Sam remarked.

He further shared his sentiments with Woizro Sara Demissie, the EGST Head Librarian and noted the joy of sharing knowledge to others. ‘I am happy that this repository of information and knowledge is in the hands of EGST – available for the young minds that pass through your halls of learning’.

The donation was earlier initiated during a visit by Professor Aklilu Dalelo, Co-Programme Leader at EGST to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank when both discussed about the Development Studies and Theology Masters programme at EGST.

Woizero Sara Demissie and Yeshi Kebede sorting the donated books in Sara’s Office at EGST

Professor Aklilu on his part made a call: “I would like to urge all friends of EGST and our Master of Arts in Development Studies Programme to follow the footsteps of Sam; and donate at least five books or more.…  You know what, a book costs on average far less than ‘a kitfo’ but has an impact that goes far beyond a generation!”.

Woizero Sara Demissie, EGST Head Librarian received the books and expressed her gratitude to Mr Sam and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. ‘The books contribute to EGST library development plan to exceed 20,000 volumes at the end of this year and 40,000 volumes by 2022.” she indicated.

It was recalled that Theological Book Network (TBN) based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Johannelund Theological Seminary (JTS) Student Union from Uppsala/Sweden and other organizations and individuals contributed book donations to EGST library in recent years.

EGST welcomes quality post graduate level book contributions from partners and supporters to serve church and society in Ethiopia and beyond. EGST is committed to provide library and research services through its research hubs for masters and doctoral students and other researchers based in Ethiopia and scholars from abroad.

For more information to support EGST Library development plan, please contact us at:

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