Staff Returned From Annual Retreat 2019

Staff Returned From Annual Retreat 2019

The 2019 annual EGST staff retreat completed at Arbaminch from June 24-28, 2019. Thirty-two staff attended involving various activities of prayer, worship, fellowship, Bible study, sporting and tour.

The theme of the year focused on the relevance and importance of every staff member for the wellbeing and bigger picture of the institution.

As part of the excursion, staff visited “The Dorze Village”, “ArbaMinch Corrodible Ranch” and South West Synod (SWS) Arba Minch Enat Mekane Yesus Congregation and Technical School.




As organizational culture and trend, EGST annually holds staff retreat programme to various historical and cultural sites within the country.

In 2018 staff went to Lalibella rock hewn churches mosaic site in the northern historical route via Debre Brehan, Dessie, Hayik, Woldiya, and related mountains and landscapes.


Many staff members expressed their feelings concerning the programme and that they see it as an opportnity to know each other closely apart from a work environment. Wubalem Mekonnen, Chief of Staff launge said that, “These kinds of fellowship can help ignite the Spirit of unity among the satff and it’s a means of valuing your collegeues.” Likewise, Yeshi Kebede a librarian also shared her impression that the programme is very special because of the fellowship, prayer and Bible study together. Additionally, Mengistu Demeke Church Leaders Training Facilitator recalled that the programme was enjoyable in a way it helps to increase work effectivenes because of the time of reflection on the institution. In his words, “ All the good things we enjoyed is a collective impression of all the staff members and in particular the retreat committee did their level best to make us feel better and enjoy our stay together.”

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