Promotion to a Rank of Full Professor

Promotion to a Rank of Full Professor

Dr. Aklilu Dalelo, EGST MADevS Co-program leader, has been awarded a rank of Full Professor in Geography and Environmental Education from Addis Ababa University effective as of January 05, 2017.

On an event organized, on September 03, 2017 at EGST, to celebrate his promotion to a rank of Full Professor, Dr. Misgana Mathewos, EGST Director, acknowledged Professor Aklilu’s tremendous contributions at EGST. Among other things, he played a prominent role in the designing and development of the Master of Arts in Development Studies Program at EGST, serving as a regular part-time faculty and supporting students during Practicum which takes place across the country. He also established the Center for Environmental Stewardship and Holistic Development (CESHoD). In addition, Professor Aklilu served as a member in EGST board and is currently a member in the EGST Council of Owners.

On the event, his community services and contributions have been acknowledged by the representatives of the EKHC, his local church, Lafto KHC, EGST, ETC and his family.

According to his qualifications and employment records, Professor Aklilu was born and grew up in a rural village in the current Damboya Wereda of Kembata Tembaro Zone, Southern Ethiopia where there were no formal schools for him to attend when he was at his school age. He went to informal schooling by some volunteers in his village until he joined a formal school (or school proper!) at grade six. At grade 7 and beyond, he had to travel further away from his parents’.

He got his BA in Geography from Addis Ababa University in 1988, followed by his MA in Curriculum and Instruction (with specialization in Geographic Education) from AAU in 1992. He further did his MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems and Management in the University of Flensburg, Federal Republic of Germany; and received his degree in 2001.

In 2000, he earned his PhD in Geography and Environmental Education from the Institute of Geographic Education and Regional Sciences, Flensburg University, Germany. He wrote his dissertation on ‘Natural Resource Degradation and Famine in Ethiopia: Assessment of Students’ Awareness and Views’.

Over the past several years, Professor Aklilu participated in and contributed to a number of international researches, trainings, symposia, workshops and conferences. He has also engaged himself in various academic, administrative, teaching and advisory responsibilities as well as community services and consultancy engagements. He served as Associate Professor of the Department of Social Science and Language Education and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs of the College of Education and Behavioral Studies at Addis Ababa University. He has taught a number of courses at postgraduate levels. As part of his community services, Prof. Aklilu played a leading role in the designing of the MADevS Program at EGST, started a “Community Development” specialization at Evangelical Theological College (ETC), and served as a technical advisor in community development services of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church. He also led teams that produced various educational and development projects, developed strategies and multi-year strategic plans for different institutions.

Professor Aklilu is known for his major publications in more than 15 peer-reviewed international journals, two books, and a book chapter, all peer-reviewed. He has also published four non-peer reviewed books; two articles which got published in proceedings; and co-edited four proceedings.

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