New Books Arrived

New Books Arrived

On December 20, 2019 EGST librarians, faculty and staff collected new  books worth 107,000 Birr as part of the annual acquisition plan.
The 100 books purchased from the Reliable Book Shop focus on Management , Research Methods and Development Studies subjects.
Woizero Sara Demissie, EGST Head Librarian said that  the monthly bookshop visit by EGST librarians ,faculty, and staff is helping to collect new books from local publishers and international suppliers like the Reliable Book Shop, an Indian book supplier in Africa. Foreign currency shortage and tax levy in Ethiopia is a major challenge to import books from abroad.
[EGST PRC, December 21,2018)

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  • Nebere Elias
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    Wow well done! Am proud of you all staff members for ur….!
    May God bless u.

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