A scholarly team from Vital Sustainability Initiative (VSI) is conducting sessions from November 7-6 at the campus and stimulating proactive dialogues among owners, faculty members, staff and various target audiences at different levels.

VSI is an effort through which SCHOLARLEADERS collaborates with leading Theological Institutions in the majority of world to clarify their missions and create strategic plans for sustainability.

Ever since 1984, SCHOLARLEADERS has been supporting 281 Christian leaders from 64 countries in the Majority World.

According to the President Larry A. Smith, “VSI is an effort to work with theological institutions for the last 4 years and it’s a predecessor program which involved EGST in creating faculty development.”  Furthermore, he explained the three things they do at Scholar Leaders are scholarships, VSI and Theological leaders training for the church and the context of Islam.

EGST director Dr. Misgana Mathewos expressed the implications of such initiatives in the institutional development of organizations. “The discussions in the sessions gives us inputs not just in financial support but in shaping our ideas, mission and vision of our institution. And those ideas will be incorporated in our projects for fund raising and sustainability issues. ” he noted.

“It is a kind of reflective moment in terms of our achievements, human resource and challenges. It is to foster a dialogue and reflect on the overall institutional development and not to prescribe solutions as such” notes Dr. Thewodros Assefa who was among the two faculty members involved in the discussion back in 2016, together with Dr. Desta Heliso and Dr. Misgana Mathewos.

The team met with several target audiences at EGST on the issues of alignment with strategic purposes and needs in relation to the vitality, sustainability and health of the organization.

The cohort sessions involves diverse engagements, focuses, leaders and teams at different levels including Student Bodies, Deputies, Finance, Administration, Registrar, Dean of students, Heads of Departments, Librarian, IT, Communication, Church Leaders, and others.

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