EGST’s Chaplin Farewell

EGST’s Chaplin Farewell

Dr. Ermias Mamo who has served EGST in different capacities as Dean of Students, as Chaplin and faculty member for the past ten years has officially sendoff the school at a lunch reception of the staff on the 24th of September 2018.

With an appreciation for the commitment and hard work of the departing Chaplin, EGST’s Director, Dr. Misgana Mathewos recognized the outstanding services of Dr Ermias to EGST and recalled that he will be missed largely. Dr Misgana indicated that the Chaplin will continue teaching at EGST as part time faculty and expected to serve as member of EGST Council of Owners representing the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church where he has been called and appointed as Deputy General Secretary. A farewell cake cutting ceremony and an award of gold ring was presented to the Chaplin as a token of EGST’s community love upon which the name of EGST is inscribed.

The former Chaplin, Dr. Ermias on his part appreciated all the EGST community for their love and open heart .He gave a word of advice for the staff to enjoy the time God has given them and noted that because of his busy schedule, he might not be able to hold all beloved EGST community to his service at the moment.

Several staff members including EGST’s former Director Dr. Desta Heliso expressed their appreciation for the parting Chaplin and blessed him for displaying a life that preaches the word during his stay at the school.  Dr. Desta respected the departing Chaplin for his strength in very difficult time in his own family life and in a time when EGST was not strong financially. He also recalled that the Chaplin has served with all his gifts to encourage staff members and assisted the administration greatly in his term of office. He said that it is very difficult for EGST to replace him because his cherishing trait was an important element for the EGST community.

Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Thewodros Assefa also expressed his earnest appreciation for the Chaplin for personifying a consistent character and a heart of integrity during the years of serving together.  He pointed out that the departing Chaplin deserves gratitude for not withholding his visible joy and smile for everyone while he was passing through difficulties in life. ‘It is very sad to see him leaving EGST and we will truly miss him most for his heart of integrity and transparency’ he recalled.

Mrs Gelane Komo, librarian at EGST expressed her sadness to see the Chaplin leaving EGST because he has been a role model to her and noted that the Chaplin offered his unreserved wisdom and counseling. She told the departing Chaplin that he will always be in their hearts for respecting and treating them equally.

Two other staff members, Ato Assefa Eshete and Ato Wondimu Shibiru were also recognized with a congratulatory note and cake cutting ceremony for their educational accomplishment at first degree level.

(EGST PRC, Addis Ababa, September 25, 2018)

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