Research Writers Retreat

Research Writers Retreat

The EGST research writers’ retreat focusing on “Gender Justice” conducted from December 22-24, 2017 at the Pyramid Hotel and Resorts in Beshofitu/Debre Zeiyet.

This major research project with different sub thematic areas is the third in EGST’s “Faith and Development Research Series”. As reviewed by  the research team the progress is in its final stage covering gender perspectives in Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology as well as empirical research on gender and health, gender and leadership perceptions, and gender justice in higher education with particular reference to EGST.

The previous two research themes focused in “Theology-Development Nexus” which is in its publication stage besides “Theology-Environmental Stewardship” in its validation step.

The research teams include EGST faculty, staff and graduates. [Source: EGST PRC]


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