The 17th Frumentius Lectures Series Celebrated

The 17th Frumentius Lectures Series Celebrated

The 17th Annual Frumentius Lectures organized by EGST took place on 27-30 March, 2017 at the School’s Assembly Hall. This year’s theme focused on “Divine Perfection and the Reality of God’s Self-Disclosure” by Professor Alan Torrance from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

According to EGST Director, Dr. Misgana, the topic of this year’s lectures is very important as it “came at critical moment in our national and ecclesial history as we live at the time when the centrality of Jesus Christ and his work are constantly being compromised by prosperity oriented superficial spirituality, human-centered Christianity, and moral insensitivity in ecclesial and societal spheres.”

Dr. Misgana said that these lectures, since their inauguration 18 years ago, have attracted prominent scholars from Africa, Europe, and USA and that the Christian community have greatly benefited from these lectures on various important topics that touched both academic and public interests. The Director further noted that the lectures serve both academic and ecumenical purposes.

The 2018 Frumentius Lectures were concluded with a farewell dinner that celebrated the life of St. Frumentius and extended gratitude to Professor Alan Torrance.

Besides the academic and other programs that are offered, EGST organizes annual public lecture series on topics of interest to the academic community at EGST and the broader Christian community. Themes covered in the past include Christological Seedlings in African Christianity by Prof. John Mbiti (2017), Ethiopia and the Bible: the Social Lives of the Ethiopian Psalter by Prof. Steve Delamanter (2016), Who is God? Key Moments of Revelation by Prof. Richard Bauckham (2015), Christian Faith and Public Life by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (2014), Origins Today: Genesis through Ancient Eyes by Prof. John Walton (2013), and Faith, Politics and Environment by Prof. Loren Stuckenbruk (2012) from recent years. This is not to forget the lectures presented by Prof. Kwame Bediako, Dr. John Stott, Dr. Chris Wright, Prof. Lamin Sanneh and others.

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